His Eye is on the Sparrow

The first semester of my senior year in college I had to take an Economics course that knocked me flat on my back. And, when I say it knocked me flat on my back, what I'm really saying is that I flunked that class. Yep, big 'ole fat "F".

I came home for the Christmas holidays knowing that is probably the grade I would receive. It was quickly confirmed when grades came in the mail a week or so later. To say I was upset is putting it mildly. For starters, the thought of having to take that class a second time just was not something that I wanted to do (it was required to graduate in the spring). However, even more than that I felt that I had failed. I moped around for DAYS! I was down on myself and convinced that I had failed my parents, my family, and I suppose, even God, by failing this class.

At the time, my mother was the pianist at our church. Oftentimes, she would leave for church ahead of us to practice any special music she had planned for the service.

On this particular Sunday following when I received my semester grades, she was going up early before the Sunday evening services. I don't remember why now, but I went with her. The song she was playing that evening for the offertory was "His Eye Is On the Sparrow".

I remember kind of pacing around the sanctuary as she practiced and I awaited the beginning of the service. Not really listening to what she was doing... just walking (and, truth be told, probably moping and pouting). At one point, Mom stopped playing and asked me to stop, sit down and listen to what she was playing. She asked me to listen to the words of the song. She played this beautiful song and sang the words as she played.

Of course, from the very first line in the song she grabbed my attention. "Why should I be discouraged?" Yes, indeed. So, I failed a course in collge? Why should I let that discourage me when I have God? Why, why, why? Yes, it seemed monumental that I failed this class since college was my life at the time and I was so close to graduation. But, I had an opportunity to turn it over to God and allow Him to guide me and be with me as I took the class a 2nd time.

What a wonderful reminder my mother gave me that evening. If God is watching over even a sparrow, then He is watching over me. He knows when I am disappointed and feel as if I have failed, but He cares and He loves me thru it all. There is no need to let life's discouragements affect us so strongly when we know we have God on our side.

Yes, I have had many discouragements in life since that day and I know for a fact that I will have many more. But, ever since that day sitting at church listening to Mom play this beautiful song, I always think of this during those times of discouragement.

"His eye is on the sparrow, And I know He watches over me."

I am always assured that God is with me. After all, He never promised that life on this earth would be easy, but He did promise that He would be with us through it all.

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Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

One of my favorite songs ever. My youth pastor passed away when I was 13 and my cousin and I sang this song at his funeral. Really really moving....thanks so much for the reminder!

hip chick said...

This is the third time today I have seen this verse referred to. Once on my daily calendar, once here, and once when I picked up my bible and it fell open to that page. It's only 7:30 AM. I think maybe God is trying to tell me something. Thanks for sharing your story.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

What a wonderful message and reminder. Could you ever imagine one of the many reasons for failing that class would be to give you a precious reminder all the days of your life.

He sure works in mysterious ways.

Beth E. said...

Beautiful message, and beautiful song. I have the song on my blog's Playlist!

I'm so glad HE'S watching me! :o)

LisaShaw said...

I had to take a moment before I could write anything. This brought me not only to tears but to my knees in worship. I grew up on this song and sing it often and it has the same affect on me every time. Just thinking about the fact that I'm not alone here. God's eye is upon me all the time. He's near, he cares and he hears me and knows the very thoughts of my heart even when I don't speak a word. God is so amazingly beautiful. I love Him so.

I too am so glad he's watching over us.

Bless your heart for sharing and touching my heart this day. Love you.

Laurie Ann said...

What a precious story, Melanie. I love how your Mother was used by God to show you how much the Father cares about you. Failures in life happen, but life doesn't have to be a failure. We are such a blessed people, aren't we? Oh, that the world would know He is watching them as closely as He does the sparrows.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh what a wonderful reminder my friend! May we never forget that He cares for us and watches over us. I am so thankful for His careful attention and affection.

I almost flunked economics myself. It was very difficult. And now I am an accountant. Go figure ;)

Joan said...

That song always makes me tear up. I can't count how many times I have sung that song for church. Thanks for sharing your personal story. God is so good!

Tricia said...

Hey Melanie
Thank you for sharing such a special and touching story... why should I be discouraged? What a wonderful reminder that went straight to my heart, that I should not allow anything in this world to discourage me, because He is watching over me... what comfort and encouragement that brings! Thank you!