Friday Facts - Feasts in the Bible

As we saw in last weeks 'Friday Facts' the Bible records a number of famines. However, there were also a number of feasts recorded in the Bible. Check these out.....

* Samson's wedding feast (Judges 14:10-18)

* The feast Solomon held at the dedication of the temple in Jerusalem (1 Kings 8:65)

* The feast held by Belshazzar at which God wrote his judgment on the palace wall (Daniel 5).

* The story of the father's feast for his returning runaway son (Luke 15:23)

* The marriage feast that will be held by God in his future kingdom (Revelation 19:9)

* The account of the gruesome feast for the birds recorded in the book of Revelation (Revelation 19:17-18)

May you all have many feasts in your future! Have a great weekend!

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Esthermay said...

I am having a great time studying the Jewish Feasts in relationship to the timeline of Christ's life and second coming.
... Makes the entire BIBLE just come to life!!!