Thankful Thursday


This week I am thankful for so many things, so I thought I'd just share several of them with you instead of my usual one BIG thing.....

~ I am so thankful that God isn't finished with me yet. Each and everyday I need Him to help me grow and continue to mature in my relationship with Him. Each day I need Him to help me plant my feet firmly in His Word and His promises.

~ I am thankful for the rain. We've had quite a bit of rain here this week. We needed it. I also sleep SO GOOD when it rains. So, I'm thankful for a couple of nights where I slept and slept and slept.... ;)

~ I am thankful for the game UNO. Several months ago my son purchased this game with some money that he had saved. I hadn't played it in years (probably since I played with my parents and sisters as a teenager) and had forgotten it was such a great family game. My son is so funny... each time he gets a Draw 2 card or a Wild Card or a Skip card he grins from ear to ear and says, "Oooh... I've got a trick up my sleeve!" If he's got more than one of these cards he'll say "Oooh... I've got 3 tricks up my sleeve!" or 2 tricks or however many of these cards he holds in his hand. He hasn't seemed to yet figure out that he gives us a good idea of the cards he has when he does that, but he loves it! In turn, we love it, too, 'cause he is just to funny!

~ I am thankful for my loving and always supportive hubby. I've been struggling with some work-related situations lately and was sick over this last weekend. He has been such a rock as he's supported me in my frustrations and took care of things around the house and with the kids when I didn't feel good. I'm a lucky lady to have him as my hubby!

~ I am thankful for an opportunity I have next week to spend some time with dear friends that I haven't seen in almost a year! Oh, I can't wait until next Monday! I'm sure that will be at the top of my thankful list for next week, too :)

~ I am thankful for this opportunity Iris gives us each week to share with each other our many blessings. It is so good for me to take the time each week and spend time looking at all I have to be thankful for and then to share it with all my dear bloggy friends. Oh, and the blessing I receive as I read your posts of thankfulness is just the best! I love "Thankful Thursday"!

I pray you all have a wonderful Thankful Thursday and many, many blessings in the week to come!

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Danaover40 said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed visiting many WFW sisters and have been uplifted by scripture they've shared today.

WOW! You're on the ball...with your TT post. Your blog is beautiful!

Serendipity said...

Your son is just too cute! LOL! What a blessing to have such a loving and supportive husband! Happy TT and God bless!

iamjanujennifer said...

I loved the first one you said. I am thankful God isn't done with me yet, too!

My entry is here. Hope you can stop by, too! Thanks!

LAURIE said...

Enjoyed your TT list this week. Oh the mention of UNO brought back many memories around our family table playing that game with the kids. Its been years since we did, maybe we need to dust those cards off and play again. Happy TT! -Blessings, Laurie

Twinkle Mom said...

Oh Melanie! that's a wonderful TT post and so touching...Each day is a beautiful blessing from our Heavenly Father and a reminder that no matter what, HE is always there.

God bless you!

Jennifer said...

Wonderful post! We are truly blessed in Him and have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

Happy TT!

Denise said...

I love your thankful list sweetie.

BP said...

Such a nice list, I can see why it was hard to pick one main thing this week like you normally do! This is good and I enjoyed it. That is fun you play Uno. It's been a long time since I've played it. Have a good day.

Lynn said...


I delighted reading each thankful item on this post. A good night's rest is a giant thankful. I always love to read about husbands and see wives give glory to God for these good men.

Your son is adorable. Makes me want to get out my UNO cards. We used to play this all the time. I miss it. My son and mother will be here for Thanksgiving. I can feel a tournament brewing.

Lovely... just as you are lovely. I enjoyed every word. Happy TT. Hugs, me

Angie said...

WHAT a great thankful post!!! I got hung up in the rain....I LOVE that kind of sleeping weather too!

Have a blessed day!

Erica said...

I loved reading through your list. The UNO story was just too cute.
I pray you have a great time with your friends and hope things at work lighten up! Be blessed!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Melanie, I am thankful that God isn't finished with me yet too! I'm so rough around the edges, I fear that I prick people all the time.

Thanks so much for sharing! Have a blessed day!

Grammy said...

This is a wonderful post.
Thank you my friend.

Laurie Ann said...

How precious is your son! Melanie, I loved reading your list. Blessings surround you, my friend! I am thankful for you! Happy Thankful Thursday!

Tonya said...

Hey, Mel! Happy Thankful Thursday to You, my FRIEND! Your post is awesome, as always!

I wanted to stop by and say, THANKS SO MUCH for the birthday wishes.. you are just too sweet! It's been such a BLESSING getting to know You!



Diane ~ said...

Hi Melanie!
Loved reading your blog posting as usual!:)
Thank you so much for the joy you give through your sharing!
♥diane ~ sunflower songs

newlyweds said...

What a great TT post!

Esthermay said...

HURRAY for Husbands. Yes. This is definitely NOT a small thing, friend! Perhaps in our circle of blog friends this is not uncommon. But... a godly, faithful, supportive, hard-working husband is a terrific find in today's world. WE ARE SO LUCKY! NO?
... and UNO? omigosh! I would have never made it through college without UNO(a/k/a "Church of God Poker") I attended Anderson College (And. IN) and playing cards were not allowed then (early 80's) Today: Who knows..... but I will definitely teach my kiddo's the art of UNO.
Great Post!
Happy Thankful Thursday!

Tricia said...

Hey Melanie
That is a great list! Games with the kids are such fun, ours for now is Go Fish! They are so funny playing it, and always tell what they draw from the pile. I look forward to when we can play games like Uno too!

Have a great weekend and have a wonderful time with your friends!


R.L.Scovens said...

My son and I love playing UNO!

Willow (Shelby) said...

Melanie, I love your list! UNO is such fun; it's the only card game that I "get"! I'm so glad your husband stepped up for you and even more glad that you appreciate it!

"God isn't finished with me yet" -- isn't it amazing to be the clay He is molding into... whatever it is His vision for us is?

I hope you have a WONDERFUL time with your friends!

Heather@Mommymonk said...

we love playing Uno around here too...the kids are finally getting better at keeping their cards a secret though ;)