Please Pray

As I sit this afternoon in my warm, dry house I am burdened for those that have just weathered Hurrican Ike in the southern parts of Texas and Louisiana. My kids and I have just returned from having lunch with hubby/daddy as he gets a break from assisting with medical patients being evacuated from all over the coastline of Texas. As we drove downtown to meet him at the hotel where they are staying (at this time they have been meeting planes flying into DFW with patient evacuees so he's close to home, though it looks like they will be headed further south in a couple of days) we passed many warning messages to stay away from the Houston and Beaumont areas due to storm damage. Upon returning home we visited with our neighbor across the street who has friends visiting that have evacuated from Houston and whose parents live in Houston and are now without power or water.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, my dear husband Jeff is a member of a medical emergency response team. Their primary responsibilities in these situations are to assist with patients that have been evacuated from hospitals. As we have had chances to talk this week I have been particularly burdened for these people. Can you imagine being critically ill in the hospital and being told you are being put on a plane and flying somewhere else for an indefinite period of time? As I'm sure you can imagine, an airplane (no matter how big or well equipped) can't match the care you would receive in a hospital. Yo
u are ill... many dangerously ill... and then placed on an plane with just the basics (a cot or wheelchair, oxygen, medical personnel) to get you through until you reach your destination. Jeff tells me many are in very bad shape once they are landing and have to be rushed as fast as possible to whichever hospital locally is taking in the evacuees. And, just when they thought it was done as so many had been evacuated prior to the hurricane making landfall, there are now additional hospitals evacuating as they have no power or water. It brings me to my knees.

Please join me in praying for all those effected by Hurrican Ike and particularly for the many medical evacuees. I just can't even imagine. And, if you feel led, please remember Jeff and all the others that are doing everything they can to assist and care for so many that have been touched by Hurricane Ike.

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Peggy said...

Thanks Melanie for your heart and thanks to your hubby, too! I've been praying since I heard about "IKE'S"
strength, size and path as I watched on CNN! I'm glad it lost some of it's power but that does not take away from the suffering and the yet to come...God be with TEXAS as they come to the aide of these people. JILL
had a beautiful prayer & scripture also!

Laurie Ann said...

Melanie, I am joining with you in prayer. My heart shares the same burden, and I thank God for people like your husband, taking care of the ill. He will surely be rewarded for that. I will be praying for you and your family.

Our friend Twinkle Mom or Sunflower Faith has evacuated and I can't reach her - I tried to text her but apparently it's not going through or her battery has died. I am sure she's safe. We are getting huge wind gusts here, and we're in Mississippi. The storm is just huge.


BP said...

I have this on my prayer list this week.

Erica said...

We've been praying constantly as a majority of our extended family is there. Praise the Lord for your husband and so many others who are willing to help out in such a tough time.

Debra said...


I am joining you in prayer, as well. I am praying for the Lord's peace and provision for Texans. I am so grateful for people like your husband and those that go in to help those in need.

I am also touched by the outpouring of other sisters who are praying for those affected by the storm.

God bless you tonight, Melanie.

Mary said...


I too have those people who are ill and have been evacuated in my prayers.

Thanks for stopping by my Writing Nook.

Kristi said...

I'm praying too. Some of our dearest friends had to leave MD Anderson. They were able to drive to Austin, but we are concerned for them and for Jackie's cancer treatments. What a wonderful husband you have! May God continue to bless him and keep him.

Charlotte said...

It is so easy for those of us who are far from the disaster areas to tend to be complacent about it. Thank you for the reminder.