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Since last week when I checked out the significance and symbolism behing various plants in the Bible (which I got started on only because I was looking for some info on the olive branch... isn't it funny how we get off in a direction we never really intended because of one little, teeny, 'ole question we have?), I've started looking at some other areas of symbolism in the Bible. My interest has been peaked! :)

As I was digging around looking at various websites that provided this type of information, I ran across the following information regarding the symbolism behind colors. Again, I instantly became intrigued with this info and wanted to share with you today. Enjoy! :)

White symbolizes the purity of the soul, innocence, and holiness. White is a symbol of purity and virginity, which is where we find the tradition of the white wedding dress and the white robes and collars worn by Christian clergy. The virgin Mary wears white in images of the immaculate conception, and under her blue robes in other portraits.

Black is an ancient symbol of death and mourning; it is used to symbolize the devil, the underworld, witches, and mourning, except when paired with white, the color of purity, whereby it becomes a symbol of humility.

Brown and grey are symbols of humility and earthiness; grey is also a color of mourning.

Blue is the color most often associated with the Virgin Mary, portrayals of the Virgin and the living Christ (ie, Jesus before the crucifixion) wear blue mantles. Blue symbolizes truth and clarity, it is the color of the sky, and therefore a symbol of heaven.

Green symbolizes life and vegetation, and is an emblem of the resurrection.

Yellow/gold is the color of the sun, it symbolizes divine radiance, revelation, and revealed truth. Yellow can also be used as a symbol of the devil, and of the apostle Judas, where it symbolizes deceitfulness and betrayal.

Red is the color of love, anger, passion, and blood. It is used in the Church to denote the staus of Cardinal, and is a predominant color in images of martyrdom. Red is also the color of the Pentecost; symbolizing the fiery nature of the Holy Ghost. Worn by the virgin, it is the emblem of lifesblood.

The royal color purple is a symbol of power, and often represents God. In other uses, it symbolizes repentance and sorrow, and is often used to represent the mourning for Christ crucified in the weeks leading up to Easter.

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Joan said...

Good info, thanks. Have a great weekend.
Peace and love,

Sab said...

Here's something interesting I used to think about. I love science, and scientifically speaking, white is the presence of all colors in the spectrum, while black is the absence of color. So, white being purity represents the presence of love, truth, life, power, etc while black being mourning is the lack thereof. Interesting isn't it?

Joanne said...


That was just wonderful. Red is one of my favorite colors. How interesting to read more about it! You sound like me, I head down many bunny trails every time I try to do something. But often, that is exactly the path God wanted you to take to begin with.

Peggy said...

Blessings Melanie...I LOVE studying the meaning of colors in God's Word!
I did this for Tambourine & Flag Ministry...and also a simple version for the Color Story & bracelets of telling The Salvation of Jesus Christ!

My tambourine is blue & it must be my favorite color! So I looked for shades of blue for my ribbons! Here's what I have from one source:

RED - blood and atonement Leviticus 17 v11, Hebrews 9 v12-14

BLUE - Heaven and heavenly grace Exodus 24 v10

PURPLE - royalty Judges 8 v26, Mark 15 v17-18

WHITE - purity and holiness Psalm 51 v7, Matthew 17 v2, Revelation 3 v4

SILVER - redemption Numbers 18 v15-16

GOLD - divinity and Gods Glory Exodus 37, Exodus 40 v 34-35, Revelation 1 v13-14

BRONZE / BRASS - judgement Exodus 27 v1-3, Exodus 30 v17-21

YELLOW - celebration and joy Isaiah 51 v11, Isaiah 61 v3, Hebrews 1 v9

GREEN - new life Psalm 92 v12-14, Hosea 14 v8

BROWN / GREY - repentance and humility Esther 4 v3, Daniel 9 v3-5

ORANGE / YELLOW / RED - fire and the Holy Spirit Acts 2 v3

PLUM - richness, abundance, infilling of the Holy Spirit Hosea 2 v22, Joel 2 v24

BLACK - sin and death Psalm 23 v4, Ephesians 5 v11

The robes that the Catholic priests use in the mass have symbolism and it runs close to these! See the similarity between ours! I get off on those tangents also...and usually end up in a different direction all day from where I had planned or started! :) Came to Congratulate you on your new awards!!! Have a good weekend!

BP said...

I am passing on an award to you.

Tracy said...

Very intersting info on what the colors represent...thanks for sharing! Hope you have a happy weekend.

Thanks too for your sweet words. You're right, he is a great man!

Glad to be back. I've missed you, too! = )

Michele Williams said...

Thank you for this awesome information. Out of those colors, I love purple. I always learn something from your blog. And I truly appreciate your prayers and encouragement. I have a special award for you over at my blog...

Erica said...

Again, you have enlightened and educated me this morning. Our Lord is so creative and didn't miss a single detail! I will think about this as I go out and enjoy His creation today.

Jill said...

Very interesting and I like the bible verses Peggy shared as well. I love putting verses to things and seeing what God's word has to say about everything - LOL!

sab comment is something i think about as well when it comes to color.

sending you big hugs and congrats on your award!

love and blessings today!