Thankful Thursday - April 3, 2008


Today I am thankful for some very special people in my life.

First, I am so very thankful for my husband. He is kind, loving, compassionate, and fun. He loves the Lord and seeks to grow in Him more and more. I know he loves me so very much as he shows it to me on a daily basis. He supports me and uplifts me daily. He never hesitates to jump in and help out around the house. Every evening after dinner you will find him at the sink cleaning up dinner dishes. He helps fold laundry, unloads the dishwasher, and is always willing to chip in and help with other tasks around the house. He is also a wonderful Father. He loves our children unconditionally and takes an active role in their lives each and every day. He plays with them and laughs with them, holds them when they are hurt, and tucks them into bed each night.

Secondly, I am thankful for co-workers that are more than just co-workers. I have been blessed to work with several wonderful women that are also friends and are Christians. This last year has been especially difficult at work. Without the support and prayer we have all provided to each other, I'm sure the road would've been much rockier. We have laughed and cried and grumbled together. We've provided each other with support and friendship and prayer. We have not only grown together as friends, but also as Christians. Not all of us work at the same location and this week has been an extra blessing as we've all come together at the same location to train together for several days. What a blessing these women are to me!

Thank you, Lord, for the special people you place in our lives!

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14 Thoughts Shared:

Denise said...

Wonderful thankful post dear.

Amy said...

It's great you have such awesome workmates :-)

eph2810 said...

My beloved usually cleans the kitchen too at night. We actually share the task - depending who makes dinner :)
It is wonderful to have Christian co-workers - I have some where I work at and it helps when the work gets stressful.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

Blessings to you and yours this blessed Thursday.

Shari said...

What a fortunate woman you are. God has given you a wonderful husband and Christian friends at work.

Susan said...

Hey Melanie,

Thanks for stopping by this morning. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Your job sounds wonderful, thank God for Christian friends. And your hubby sure is a MAJOR blessing!!

God is so good♥

Tonya said...

Melanie, today when counting all the things I'm thankful for... I'm adding YOU to my list! What a BLESSING it's been to get to know you!


Anonymous said...

Your post was a blessing. Thank you!

Kim said...

What a WONDERFUL Thankful Thursday list.

Praying you have a BLESSED day too!!


Tricia said...

You are definitely blessed and have lots to be thankful about, thanks for sharing!

Cheryl said...

Such a blessing to have a husband who helps! Loved your post about the Christian women, I can relate to that this week also. I am starting to work for a Christian couple next week, the first job that I have ever had working with Christians! I am really looking forward to it! Happy Thankful Thursday!

Jen and Carter's life in the busy world said...

Wonderful post! God gives us some many things to be thankful in life.

Stephanie said...

In a world that loves to complain about their spouses, it is refreshing to read that you appreciate yours. I hope he has seen your post, so that he knows how treasured he is.

Thanks for sharing your thankful heart!

Marsha said...

Wonderful post! Help around the house is always welcome! My hubby doesn't do the dishes, but he does take out the trash each evening. He also runs the stairs for me to the basement to change laundry - super big help since I have a bad knee! He also does all the vacuuming!

And workmates as friends..awesome!

Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog this week. I LOVE the colors on your blog. Can't wait to come back!

Have a blessed weekend.

Blessedw4mom said...

What a comfort to know God places just the right people into our lives at just the right time!

Thanks for sharing those special people with us.