The Apostle Paul

As I've been studying Philippians, I've thought alot about the Apostle Paul. At the time Paul wrote this letter to the people of Philippi, he was imprisoned for his beliefs. I've wondered many times about this man that, although wrongfully imprisoned, was able to write such a letter full of joy and thanksgiving. In addition to the letter to the Philippians, Paul also wrote the following 13 letters:

1 & 2 Corinthians
1 & 2 Thessalonians
1 & 2 Timothy

As I began searching for more information about Paul, I found a number of interesting facts about him -- some I already knew and others that I did not know. For example, did you know that......

Prior to his conversion to Christianity, Paul was named Saul?

He was born in Tarsus?

Paul's parents were Jewish AND Roman citizens? (this was very rare as only the Jews considered the most important could be Roman citizens)

At age 14 Paul was sent to Jerusalem to train as a Rabbi?

As a 2nd trade, Paul trained to be a tent-maker?

At one time Paul was a persecutor of Christians?

Paul was present at the stoning of Stephen? ( As a matter of fact, it was at his suggestion that Stephen was stoned.)

While traveling to Damascus to continue persecuting Christians, Paul saw a vision where Jesus asked Paul why he continued to persecute Him? It was at this time that Paul's name was changed from Saul and he began preaching of Christ to the Gentiles.

He preached in Damascus for 3 years?

While in Damascus Paul's enemies wanted to kill him so he had to slip out of the city at night?

After leaving Damascus Paul returned to Jerusalem and it was there that he met Barnabus?

Barnabus joined Paul on his first missionary journey to Cyprus, Antioch, Iconium, Lystra and Derbe?

During this journey Paul faced many hardships, including being stoned?

Paul carried out two more missionary journeys which included visits to Galatia, Phrygia, Macedonia and Greece?

After the third journey, Paul returned to Jerusalem and it was at this time that he was imprisoned due to a dispute with the Sanhedrin that caused a public dispute?

This imprisonment lasted at least 2 years and it was at this time that Paul wrote Philippians, as well as several other letters that are in the New Testament?

What an amazing man and an amazing life that he led for Christ. He was one of the first missionaries and contributed so much to the New Testament. It's hard to imagine that at one time he persecuted Christians. What mighty things God can do when we allow Him!

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Erica said...

I just saw that you were from TX. Where do you live? I grew up in TX and my family lives there. I am praying diligently that the Lord leads us back to be closer to them. How neat that you are there.

lori said...

I have to tell you...PAUL is one of the guys that I can't wait to meet when I get upstairs...I've done some studying of him myself and I am just amazed how GOd used such a guy...I LOVE how honest and open he became and SO CONVICTED!

I really "get" Paul and two favorite writers in the New Testament....I just can picture them....
but Paul...what a life...from Rabbi, to Disciple while all along building tents...COOL GUY...passionate for the cause...wouldn't you LOVE to meet him!!
THanks for the lesson...anything Paul, I eat up!!

Tonya said...

You know... I did a Bible study on Paul once. It was by Beth Moore. (I'm thinking it's called "To Live Is Christ?) I LOVE his passion and fire for the LORD! Oh, to be SOLD OUT just like he was!

Thanks for all the time you put into your update. There was a LOT of information in there. I also LOVE YOUR passion for our JESUS! It's so evident in the way you write.

Take care my friend!