We are Chosen

"While it's true that Israel was chosen by God then and Christians are chosen by God now, we should not understand chosen as a synonym for favorite. The point of our "chosen-ness" is as a means to an end -- so we can shine as light for those to whom God wants to demonstrate love. With our exalted state comes a call to share it with all who will respond."
Excerpt from Coffee Cup Bible Studies - "Kona w/ Jonah" by Sandra Glahn

Does this statement speak to you as it does to me? We willingly accept that we are chosen by God, but do we really think about what that means? Do we ACT on what that means?

It's certainly something that I will be thinking and praying about for awhile.....

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Shelby said...

To me this seems much like the quote "to those whom much is given, much is expected" We have received much through God's grace and have a responsibility to tell others of it. Does that make sense?