"How marvelous it is that God became a man and walked among us. Had He not chosen to do so, we might feel removed from a distant Creator. But ours is not a distant God. Ours is a God who understands -- far better than we ever could -- the essence of what it means to be human.

God understands our hopes, our fears, and our temptations. He understands what it means to be angry and what it costs to forgive. He knows the heart, the conscience, and the soul of every person who has ever lived, including you. And God has a plan of salvation that is intended for you. Accept it. Accept God's gift through the person of His Son Christ Jesus, and then rest assured: God walked among us that you might have eternal life; amazing though it may seem, He did it for you".

These are the words that greeted me a few mornings ago as I sat down for my morning devotional. The thought is one that I have had often over the last year or so... how blessed we are to have a God that doesn't just know how we feel, but has experienced and understands those same feelings.
It is so comforting to know that my God that I turn to in times of fear, in times of sorrow, and in times of happiness has experienced those same feelings. For that, I am thankful!!

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Denise said...

I am grateful that you were born, enjoy your birthday on Thursday. I love you.

Whidbey Woman said...

Oh yes, how blessed indeed!

jo.attalife said...

With God, I feel that He FEELS me, and He totally GETS me, and LOVES me as I am. He is just too wonderful for words!

Sandy said...

ahhh, Melanie, We share the same birthday! Happy Birthday to you!
Yes, I am so thankful for a God that knows how we feel!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday and thank you for these thoughts to start my day.

Melonie said...

What a lovely devotional! I like this section the best:

"God understands our hopes, our fears, and our temptations. He understands what it means to be angry and what it costs to forgive."

So hard to remember, but so very very true!

Barbara said...

We happy birthday, and to you too Deb, hope you have a very blessed day, and yep God is too good for words, his glory matches no other, and I praise the lord for loving me, so thankful he reached down and saved this girl. Lots of hugs, Barbara

Rocks said...

Thankful for HIS LOVE. Sometimes I feel like I'm letting Him thankful that HE is a Father who always welcomed us with two arms :)

Debbie said...

Yes Melanie, I too am grateful that He understands because in His humanity He experienced it too.