So Thankful


I love this time of the week when I can sit down and express in words how thankful I am for the many, many blessings God has given to me. My mind is full of many things this week, so I thought I'd just list them out (I promise I won't list them all... it could get lengthy! After all, God is so very good!)

  • Safe travels - I have traveled much, much more than usual this year with my job.  God has kept me safe each and every time.  Additionally, as I've watched many of my co-workers experience all sorts of travel delays, I have only had one and I believe it was only about a 45 minute delay.  Woo-hoo!  This one is particularly great when it's time to catch that plane home each week... the quicker the airline gets me home, the better! :)
  • Great neighbors - tonight while I am again out of town, my husband had a work emergency that needed to handled outside of normal business hours.  One of our terrific neighbors watched both kids while he was gone, took them to their swimming lessons, and then on to McDonald's for dinner.
  • Bible Studies with friends - this same neighbor invited me several weeks ago to join her and two other neighbors in a Bible Study that is led and hosted by a friend. It is a group of women (I think total is around 25) from around our community that last year started a summertime Bible Study.  I was unable to join the first couple of weeks as I was out of town one week and helping with VBS at our church last week.  I'll be able to join this next week and I am really looking forward to participating.
  • Long weekends - I am so looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend.  A great time to relax and enjoy family and friends as we celebrate the freedoms we have in our country.
Last, but most certainly not the least (this clearly should be before my list instead of after!), I am so thankful for my God.  He strengthens me, protects me, comforts me, and always loves me regardless of the day, the situation, or the struggles.

What are you thankful for today? Join us in sharing our thanksgivings this week by visiting Lynn at "Spiritually Unequal Marriage".

8 Thoughts Shared:

Denise said...

Your thankful heart blesses me.

Sandy said...

Great thankful list! Thank you for sharing. I am glad you have had safe traveling! What Bible study are you doing?

Rocks said...

Hi Melanie! I am so loving long weekend too!! I wish it is long weekend forever..haha!!

Enjoy the holiday!!

Debra Kaye said...

Melanie, your sweet thankful spirit is a blessing! Hope you have a great weekend!!! Big hugs!!!

Whidbey Woman said...

So many blessings this week. Praise God! Glad you have such good neighbors, and that bible study is a great group to hang out with. I travel a lot, too, not by plan... but a bus commute. Its been a blessing. I've met a lot of nice people and have had the opportunity to reach out to those who are hurting. May people see Jesus in everything we do and everywhere we go!

Cindy said...

Your so right Melanie. God is so good to us. What a wonderful list of blessings this week.

Hope you enjoy your upcoming long weekend.


Lynn said...

Oh Melanie,

I read this a just sit here amazed at all you handle and balance.

I also just so see God watching your back and keeping your travels safe and on time.

Shelby said...

Melanie, I so love your heart and your gratitude. And you do have good neighbors -- which almost certainly means that you ARE a good neighbor. Why does that not surprise me?

Love you