Be Careful What You Ask For....

I'm sure we've all heard the saying "Be careful what you ask for 'cause you just might get it!" I am here to tell you that it is so very true... even when it is God that is hearing the requests.

If we pray to God with a sincere heart that truly wants that of which we are asking, we ought to be fully prepared for all the ways in which God might answer that prayer. How do I know this, you might ask? I can think of more than once that I have experienced this over the years, but right now I think I just might be living a perfect example.

I have been trying to live my life more flexibly. Not letting schedule changes and calendars full of activity get me down. I'm trying to just face life head on and live it to its fullest and not be so tied down to my to do list and all the things that I think need to be done (and many times aren't near as urgent as I seem to make them).

I have prayed alot about this over the last year or so and know that God has been walking along with me and has begun to answer this prayer. However, in my own mind I just imagined this would happen along the way as we just lived out our daily life -- our normal schedule.

Well, let me tell you what... I do believe God thought it might work better if the pace was picked up a bit. Or, maybe more than just a bit.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to make a trip to California, the week of May 3. OK... I was good with that. I always miss my family terribly on these trips, but I never have to worry. I have a great husband that just keeps it all going when I am gone. So, I scheduled that trip and hadn't thought much more about it.

Last Tuesday, my sister called to let me know that we had a wedding to attend in Kansas City on May 15th. Woohoo.. wonderful news! We had known she was getting married, but had thought they would be going off alone to get married. So, we are very excited we get to be there with them.

The next day as I sat in a meeting at work where schedules for the next week were being discussed, I found my name displayed to be in Massachusetts the week of May 10 (yes, I'll be there Monday thru Thursday and then on Friday leave for the wedding... a busy week!). OK.. I took a deep breath and said "OK.. God.. help me out here.. it is getting busy! I feel tired just thinking about it.

Imagine the surprise I got the next morning when I found out I needed to be in Georgia on April 26 for 4 days! And the date I discovered this was April 23.

Obviously, there had been some communication breakdown in my office, but what jumped out at me even more was that I was scheduled to be out of town three weeks in a row. I would be in 5 different states (including my home state) during that time. Each work trip takes me away from home Monday thru Thursday and then flow right into a fun trip for a wedding.

So, here I sit tonight in Georgia thinking about all the many ways God answers our prayers. Yes, I had an incredibly busy weekend getting ready to leave -- packing, getting laundry done for me and the rest of the family, doing all I could for them before I left -- but it all got done AND we had a wonderful weekend together as a family.

Even more importantly is that even as I look at such a busy, busy few weeks ahead of me with little time at home, I have a peace about it. Yes, I will be tired. Yes, I will miss my family. Yes, it will be hectic at times. But, there will also be fun and laughter and alot of learning for me.

God is showing me how to simply trust Him and finding that I can accept and live it all much easier.... regardless of how busy it is and how tired I might be at the time.

I kind of feel like I'm living out the words of the hymn "'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus". And, let me tell you, it IS sweet!

4 Thoughts Shared:

Shelby said...

I love this post, Melanie! I remember how stressed out you used to get about your schedule and not all that long ago. The Lord is definitely growing you in this area.

Just remember the old saw, to never ever pray for patience! :-)

Love ya and privileged to sit back and watch God at work in your life.

LisaShaw said...

Hi Melanie,

So glad I was able to pop in and partake of the sharing of your heart. Great message! I'm praying and standing with you and yes it is so sweet to trust in Jesus!!!

Hugs and love to you and your precious family!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I love that hymn! Seems like you and I are on a similar journey lately. I'm trying to let go too. It's hard. We want to control everything. But thanks for the reminder that God always takes care of all our needs. I pray He gives you the strength you need for the next two weeks.

Take care my friend!

Meredith said...

You were in Georgia!?! Oh, I wish I had known. So close. Thankful that the Lord is speaking to you amongst all the busy-ness:)