Be Strong

This has become one of my favorite songs over the last few weeks.  I think the message in the chorus is so great -- whether it be in words shared with a friend (as the song is written) or a message that we remind ourselves of daily.  Consider all that is in the chorus... "Be strong in the Lord"... "Never give up hope"... "God's got His hand on you"... "Don't live life in fear"..."Thank God for each day"....  "Take your time and pray".

If you take the time to listen to the video of the song below, read thru the scripture that is included.  They are more wonderful reminders straight from God's Word...  powerful words to carry us thru whatever we may encounter as we live each day.

2 Thoughts Shared:

Shelby said...

This is just absolutely perfect, Melanie. Thank you for posting it. Love you and thank you SO MUCH for your love and support and prayers.

bp said...

Every time I hear this song it's like a line will jump out at me.

Have a great week!