A Winter Surprise


I read somewhere yesterday that 49 out of 50 states had snow on the ground over the weekend.  It's not been a "normal" winter, has it? 

This picture is what we woke up to Friday morning.  We'd already had several inches of snow on Thursday, but when we went to sleep Thursday evening had no idea we would wake up to even more snow.  This is the 10 inches or so that we recieved as seen from our front door.

I know that for those of you that see snow on a regular basis, it can get a little old after awhile.  After all, it's cold, harder to get around on the roads, etc.  But, for those of us in Texas that don't see snow quite as much, this was a special treat. 

For me, it brought back many childhood memories of snow days.  The kids were just beside themselves with excitement, which is always so fun to see.  They were in and out of the house for two solid days... playing in the snow, coming in to get warm, building a snowman, coming in for hot chocolate, going out for a snowball fight, coming back in to warm by the fireplace.  All in all... a really great couple of days.

So very unexpected, but such a wonderful diversion from the normal day to day!

7 Thoughts Shared:

Alicia said...

My kids would be in awe if there was snow in the front yard! I still can't believe that so many states have that much snow!! Amazing!

Kristi said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! There is nothing like a fresh blanket of beautiful snow. Thank you for sharing yours with us! Blessings to you!

Erica said...

That is amazing! The pictures are fantastic and I am sure you all had an amazing time! We freaked out over some snow flurries. I can't imagine what that would be like!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, I'm not a huge fan of snow days, but I remember thinking to myself over the weekend how fun it will be for kids who never get snow! Apparently, you were on my mind.

Glad you enjoyed.

Be encouraged this day friend. I'm praying for you, whatever the need may be.


Tricia said...

We had snow too and loved it! It is a very rare thing here in Alabama!


Shelby said...

It looks beautiful and sounds like a great time was had by all. Is it okay if I'm a little jealous? We had horribly cold temps *by Florida standards anyway* but no fun stuff.

Meredith said...

As Tricia pointed out, it is a rare treat here. I drove home from work in snow on 2 different days in less than a weeks time, so odd. Your pictures are beautiful. Looks like wonderful memory making!:)