Some Light Housekeeping

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is enjoying a quiet, relaxing afternoon while managing to stay warm all at the same time. It seems virtually the entire country is experiencing colder than usual temps... including those of us here in Texas.

I'm spending my afternoon in front of my fireplace with laptop in hand (or lap.. hee hee!) making some changes to my blog. I think I've got the basic setup like I want it to be, but have some additional changes that I want to put in place over the next week or so.

I'd like to add additional info to be displayed when you click those neat little links across the top (Home, About, etc). I've got additional info that I'll probably display in the sidebars (while attempting at the same time to keep it neat and uncluttered).

I definitely prefer this type of housekeeping to the usual type. No dirty dishwater, no dust, no noisy vacuum cleaner... you get the picture. :)

Any comments or suggestions are welcome... I'd love to hear what you think of the new look.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here sometime next week!

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LisaShaw said...

Hi precious sister,

I have to agree that this a better house cleaning! Great new looks you have here.

I pray a GREAT year for you overflowing in GOD's love!

Shelby said...

Love the new look!!

Beth E. said...

For sure....I definitely prefer this over housecleaning! ;-) I like your new look!


Michelle said...

I like the site look. Although I don't know what it looked like before LOL.

How did you get the navigation at the top of your blog on blogspot? I haven't been able to figure that one out. Please share.


Melanie said...

Hi, Michelle!

You know, I’ve been looking for a way to do that top navigation for a long time, too. I finally discovered -- from another blogger buddy -- a site called They’ve got all kinds of blogger templates and many of them include the top navigation. It also includes brief instructions on how to change the name of each one if you want it to be something else.

Hope this helps. If you have any other questions about it, let me know. I’m still learning some things about it, too, but would be happy to share what I have learned.

Have great week!

Many blessings,


Tricia said...

I love it!


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing
I checked it out and it looks good. I have to sit down and make some time to do it.

Thanks again!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

There's a big 'undefined' over the top of each blog post title.
That's all I see 'wrong'.