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If you're a Mom operating your own business and looking for a wonderfully supportive online community, this is a place you need to check out. Moms United in Business is committed to supporting you as a Christian, a mom and a business professional. I'm finding it to be a great community... just what I need right now as I am spreading my wings and have started my own business. This site is full of great ideas for growing your business, and even more importantly, supporting you in your growth as a Christian.

The blogs below are the personal and business blogs written by many of the members of this great online community.

The Fresh Radiant Skin Care Blog

Jesus Day Gifts

Kailei Designs

Ramblings of a Wannabe Writer


My Gemstone Box

Online Shopping Boutique

Whatever Is On Shelby's Mind

I Found this Recipe


Feel Excellent

Proud Work at Home Mom

Body Magic Body

Books My Kids Read

Courtney Speaks

Faithful Bloggers

Create Your Traditions

Our Journey Thru Autism

Prim 'N Purdy

Lori Homeyer @ Prim 'N Purdy

Confessions from the Sew Dojo

Eco-Office Gals

Ramblings by Nicole

Vintage Body Spa Blog

The Delirious Fortuitous Incomprehensible Rabid Meanderings of a Feeble Mind

Writing to Sanity

Tricia's Treasure

Health, Beauty, Children and Family

Mommy Views and News Blog

SD Virtual Assistant

Twin Parenthood

Goals, Gifts and Girl Talk

Ask Dr Mimi

Pavilion Splendor

Soul Purpose

Donna Perugnini

Marla's Biz

Albany Working Moms Examiner

My Vehicle to Success

Sheba Template Designs

Wisdom Begun

Aroma Candle Company

Blogging Moms Anonymous

True Tales of a Minivan Mama

Kelly's Keepsakes and Baby Boutique

Over the Top Aprons

Work in Faith

Forward Living

The Memory Keeper's Coach

Charitable Creations

Sacred Stones and Gifts Blog

Dawn At Your Service's Blog

Discover Your Soul Purpose Blog

Optimal Healthcare Solution

My Bible Companion

Stress & Alternative Pain Relief Blog

Work from Home Success Blog

Cinnamon Hollow WAHM Reviews

Artistic Albums by Nicole

Women's Life Empowerment

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