Willing to Be Inconvenienced for God?

Originally posted May 11, 2008:

Last Sunday in church our pastor spoke of being inconvenienced for God. The questions he asked have stayed with me all week long and have caused me to do some careful consideration of what exactly I am willing to do for God. Or... how willing I am for God to move in my life in a great and mighty way.

When he first asked us the question "Are you willing to be inconvenienced for God?" I wasn't exactly sure what he was trying to say. I was puzzled because I had never thought of God as an inconvenience in my life. However, I quickly discovered the angle he was going with this sermon.

Yes, I want God to be with me wherever I go. Yes, I want God to be a part of my life. Yes, I want to have a relationship with God.

But, would I rather have God move in my life in a quiet way so that others may not notice? Or, do I want to be so joyful in the Lord that I openly and publicly praise His name wherever I go? When I do this, am I willing to open myself up to possible criticisms of those around me?

Do I just want God to be in our Sunday worship services and move quietly throughout the congregation? Or, am I willing for Him to move in such a way that the praises and the sharing continue throughout the day and we miss our Sunday lunch plans? Or, miss the Sunday afternoon football game?

Do I want to have God with me, spend time with Him, but continue to live my daily life of family and career according to what I think is right? Or, am I willing to take the risk of moving away from all that I hold dear in order to follow a different path that God has planned for me?

In the time I have spent this week on these questions, I have discovered that I am not as willing to be inconvenienced for God as I would like to be. I struggle with the thought of the unknown places God could take me and my family if we were open to anything He may have in store for us. I worry far too much about what people think of me to proclaim God's praises from the rooftops. I prefer to let people see God in my life in a quiet way. And, while that can be good... there may be people that don't see God in my life because I am TOO quiet in my walk with the Lord

In the weeks to come I will be praying about this very topic in my own life and the life of my family. I desire to have the type of willingness where it doesn't matter what God asks of me. I desire the type of willingness where it doesn't matter how He may move in our lives.

How about you? Are you willing to be inconvenienced for God?

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Beth E. said...

These are some great questions! I'll be thinking about your post the rest of the day...

P.S. Thanks so much for your continued prayer on my behalf.

Cheryl said...

Great questions to ponder! Thanks for sharng!

Have a great day!


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I will for sure be thinking about these questions and praying as well.

Can I just say that you are losing a TON of weight and you look awesome! I have been absent from the blog for a little while so your profile pic might not be new anymore but you look amazing!