Prayer Request Update

So much to be thankful for this evening as my uncle came thru the procedure and transport just fine this morning. When Mom called me earlier today, he had been awake and talking for a bit of time... even laughing a bit as he was still loopy from the anesthesia. She said the laughter in his room was so nice after the last few days having been so tense... particularly for my aunt.

From here, the doctors are going to let him take a few weeks to recover from all his body has been thru these last couple of weeks and then proceed with treatment for the cancer. And, let me tell you, his body has really been thru alot. The doctor told my aunt that during this time they have given him about 30 units of blood... can you even imagine?!

Thank you all again for your prayers!!

Over the weekend, I asked that you remember my uncle in your prayers. Today I wanted to share with you an update and ask for your continued prayers.

He has been recovering well from his surgery over the weekend. However, today they are performing a procedure that can be very dangerous. They need to go in and seal off the artery that was bleeding so much earlier. In addition to the procedure itself being dangerous, they also must move him to a nearby hospital for this procedure. There is fear that he may begin bleeding again during transport.

Additionally, the biopsy results have come back and he does have pancreatic cancer. He has a long road ahead of him as he will begin treatments for that once he recovers from all his body has been thru over the last couple of weeks.

As I had mentioned earlier, my parents are there with them as well as several other family members and their own friends. I am so thankful they are not alone! And, on top of all of the people that are with them, we know God is with them and for that I couldn't be anymore thankful.

I thank you again for any and all prayers. You are some of the best prayer partners out there!

"For where two or more are gathered together in My Name, I am there in the midst of them." Matthew 18: 19-20

5 Thoughts Shared:

Shauna said...

For sure praying here!

Jodi said...

The army of heaven is backing you!!

Marsha said...

I will certainly be praying, Melanie! I'll also let my sister, Michele know. She's not able to visit blogs right now since she's visiting our Mom. She was just saying last night she misses everyone so much.

Melanie, you have been such a dear to pray for me and mine. It is my privilege to lift your families concerns to our Father. Please keep us posted.

Laurie Ann said...

I will be praying. In our family we say that our God is bigger than cancer. He has sustained us and carried us through some tough tough times. Keep us updated.

Sab said...

I'm glad he went through the procedure alright, and I'll continue to pray!