Thru the Eyes of our Children

The Christmas my son was about 3 years old he helped me put up our family nativity scene. As we unpacked the pieces and put each one in place he began asking me questions about each person in the scene. As I began to answer his questions I found my eyes begin to tear up and my voice begin to quiver.

A year or two after that my sister gave my kids the book “You Are Special” by Max Lucado. This is the story of a village of wooden people and their creator, a woodcarver. It shows us how we are created specially by God and how he loves us unconditionally.

And, you guessed it, this is another story I can barely read to my kids without tearing up. As a matter of fact, the last time I read it to them I choked up so that I almost couldn’t finish reading the book. At the end, my husband had to take over the conversation we always have about God and how very much he loves each one of us and how very special we are. It seems that since my kids were born I have become a bit more emotional about my faith and my relationship with God. Have any of you experienced this, too?

I think, for me, it is probably a combination of several things. The first being that I am just a bit in awe of this responsibility I have to teach my children about God. Each time there is an opportunity to show them or teach them something about God I realize anew that there is no greater responsibility I have than this very one.

The second reason I think is that I am being given a chance to re-experience all the wonder and amazement of learning about God for the first time. I was raised in a Christian home and was taught from the day I was born about God. I have been in church my whole life. And, while that is great, I think that over time I have let go a bit of that “newness” and excitement that I first had as a young child hearing the Bible stories for the first time. The amazement of learning that God loves even me… me with all my flaws and “humanness”… he loves me and I AM SPECIAL.

However, I have found that through my kids I get to experience all of that for a second time. I can’t even begin to put into words how great it is to hear my children tell me a Bible story or to hear them pray. Or, as my daughter has begun to do, walk places exclaiming, “Look, Mom, God made that! Mom, God made EVERYTHING!”

It puts tears in this Mom’s eyes. Tears of joy. Tears of amazement. Tears of thankfulness that He loves me and that I AM SPECIAL. Tears of thankfulness that God has entrusted me with these two sweet precious treasures, my children.

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LAURIE said...

Oh if we could just look thru the eyes of a child ... we as adults would not pass up the beauty and the marvel of Gods hand! loved your thougts here....-blessings, Laurie

Joan said...

A beautiful post. I'm more emotional too now that I'm over 40 and heading towards 50. For me I think it's that I get God more now that I'm a parent and I can understand more of how much He must love me. I understand more of what I put my own parents thru and it humbles me to be my kids parent. It is a big responsibility and a great joy when they come to know the Lord.


bp said...

Such a sweet post this morning Melanie. I know how you feel. Sometimes when I hear my son pray I'm just amazed at his tender heart. He makes me notice and appreciate the little things.

Natalie said...

What a tender post, Melanie! I love that book too! In fact, I read that book on the first day of school to my students (public school, might I add). I never mentioned the symbolism of the Woodmaker as "God" but somehow a little voice always made that connection. I'd reinforce their comment with a smile.

Alicia said...

Hi Melanie! Yes..I know what you mean! I think I get emotional because I have a deeper understand of what He has done for all of us. It's so much for us to really grasp and to "get". can one not get emotional, huh? God is good!!

Beth E. said...

Absolutely...I do get more emotional! Since becoming a parent, I can understand, just a little more, the depth of God's love for us. I try to understand His love and compassion for us from a parent's perspective.

For instance...
Yes, my children are a joy.
No, they are not perfect.
Yes, I do my best to teach them to walk uprightly, according to the Word.
No, they don't always listen.
Yes, I sometimes have to allow them to stumble, fall, and endure painful times.
Yes, I am always there for them if they need me.
No, they don't always make the right choices.
Yes, they have brought me to tears.
No, I have never rejected them.
Yes, I love, and always.

If this is the way I feel about my the earthly realm...can you imagine HOW MUCH MORE God loves us? It's hard for me to "wrap my brain around it!"

Great post, Melanie!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I've not experienced motherhood nor have I experienced being raised in a Christian home. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to hear children (and especially one's OWN children) talk about God. On occasion my 5 year old neice will pray before a meal. She gets side track and it doesn't all make sense. However, it is beauty to the heart to hear a young one say "thank you God for all you do for us and give us." I'm trusting she means it and isn't just mimicing something she's heard. (She doesn't like in the best atmosphere.) Even with all that said and understood, it is so precious to hear many things from the mind of the child, especially those to do with God.

Tiffany Stuart said...


This is such confirmation to me as a mom. I too find myself more emotional and reliving life through a child's eyes with my kids. It's a real gift to be a parent. And to then teach them about God, wow, that's the highest calling.

Sounds like God is using you as you teach your kids. Thank you for sharing!

Marsha said...

Awesome post, Melanie. I love this book, too. Gets me everytime.

Tricia said...

I am right there with you with the tears! And that book brings tears to my eyes too. I have had to explain to my boys that just because Mommy cries does not mean she is sad, that we have happy tears too... they still seem a little puzzled by that.