Thankful Thursday


“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Matthew 28:19-20

For many of us this passage of scripture calls us to be witnesses in our communities. Maybe the place you have lived all your life, the city you moved to from college to take your first job, or the place where you chose to raise your family. However, there are number of people in this world that have been called to leave their homes to make a new home in a foreign country and be witnesses there. In some cases, they are called by God to a foreign country where the citizens have no interest in God. Or, in other cases, they are called to a foreign country where it is even illegal to mention the name of God.

This week I am thankful for these people that so courageously and faithfully follow God’s calling to these foreign lands. And, to be even more specific, I am thankful for one particular family that will be following God’s calling to another country in the next 5-6 months. This family is very dear to me. I was there when Carrie & Clem married and then started their family. I have watched them as they have raised their two precious children, Hunter (9 yrs old) and Allie (6 yrs old). Carrie & Clem first began to hear God’s call a couple of years ago and I have watched and prayed for them as they have discerned God’s will and begun the process of entering the mission field.

At this time they are preparing to leave for Prague in May or June of 2009. They are making memories with family members they will not see for several years. They are selling their home and clearing out many earthly possessions they are unable to take with them. They are preparing their children for a very big life change. They are praying and they are following. They have found peace. They are also excited for all that lies ahead of them.

And, we that love them so very much are happy for them, praying for them, loving them and enjoying our time together with them before they leave. You see, there is also a 2nd reason I am so thankful for this family. Carrie is my baby sister. I remember like it was yesterday when she was born (although, family stories will tell you I was terribly upset when I found out I had a new baby sister instead of a baby brother… but, hey… give a girl a break… I was only seven at the time! :) ). I remember when she started talking, when she started walking, when she started school. I was thrilled and excited for her when she met Clem and realized that he was THE ONE. I love her as only a sister can love another sister.

I also love Clem dearly. He is the perfect husband for Carrie… they go together so well and have grown a beautiful home and family. Hunter and Allie are so blessed to have these two as their parents. I love these two kiddos as much as I love their parents! Plus, they are super cute! :)

I thank the Lord for this special family. I thank Him for all they are to me personally and for their willingness to follow Him… even to a foreign country…. even to a foreign country where very few people know Him.

In closing I ask, if you don’t mind and if you feel the Lord place it on your heart, to pray for Carrie and Clem and Hunter and Allie over these next few months. I know it would mean the world not only to me, but to them, as well.

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Lynn said...

Oh Melanie,

What a neat post. I am overwhelmed by people like this.

O Father, I lift before you this family Carrie, Clem, Hunter and Allie. Lord, I ask for thier protection from evil during their time overseas. Lord, bless their work and let your word not return void as they share it there with a population that has little hope in life. Lord, grace them with so much love that Jesus is all they need. Keep them in the very palm of your hand. In Jesus name I ask, Amen.

Tammy said...

Oh how wonderful! It must be a huge blessing to have your sister and her hubby leave the comfort of their lives here to move to another country. I too am thankful for the many who are serving the Lord in other countries. It is a huge sacrifice but at the same time I am sure they are blessed beyond measure.

Cheryl said...


Oh, how so very touching! As I began to read, I was thinking of a dear family in our church who had been in Africa for some many years. Then, I get to the point where it is your sister. So many feelings. Enjoy and make a ton of memories before they leave.

Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

Such a dear thankful post sweetie, I will be praying for this precious family.

Beth E. said...

I will be praying for Carrie and Clem and their family. I'm praying for you, too! :o)

Darlene said...

I know you are so proud of your baby sister and family. This is a huge step and I know they will be blessed for doing this.
I also am thankful for those who serve our God to reach lost souls in other countries. Keep us posted on how they are doing.
Praying with you...

Lyndy said...

Praying for this wonderful family.

Thank you for sharing your thankful heart.

Hugs, Lyndy

Shanda said...

Carrie is blessed to have you for a big sister!! I prayed for their family just now and will continue to pray for them as they follow God's call upon their lives.

I tagged you in a "Christmas Meme." If you would like to join the fun you can copy & paste the questions with your answers and then tag 5 other bloggers.

Have a peace-filled sleep!

Peggy said...

AWESOME Melanie...many blessings, memories & legacy building for you & your baby sister! Such a beautiful & touching thankful post!
Such an enormous heart you share in this dedication of the two of them & their children to venture out & share Jesus! You are invested & oh, so rightfully pleased & concerned! But,
how beautiful are the feet that walk this path, how lovely is the heart that desires to reach the unreached & share Jesus! The harvest is ready & now there are two more joining the laborers! May Our Lord guide, watch over & provide for each step! May they be filled with grace and fullness in their decision as they move forward! Thank you for sharing & giving us the opportunity to support them with prayer

God Chaser said...

A wonderful and very caring post- your happiness for your sister is evident. Be blessed

Please share TT at my place I have something there for you.

Serendipity said...

You are such a wonderful sister! Will be praying for Carrie, Clem, Hunter and Allie.

God bless you always!

LAURIE said...

Wow what a wonderful post not only to remind us of the importance of praying for our missionaries and those that sacrifice so much to share Gods Truth on foreign soil but also to let us know about your sisters great adventure that God is embarking them on. Praise God! In addition to my regular blog, I have a prayer blog...can I add their names to the prayer list for our prayer warriors to intercede for?

Thanks for sharing today on TT! -blessings, Laurie

Grammy said...

Hi Melanie, I am glad this special family is so dear to you.

Marsha said...

I'll walk beside you on this one, Melanie.
My daughter and her family are in Kenya as you may remember. Hubby and I just got back last week from our trip. I wrote a post on Monday with pictures of their life there.
It's definitely something that you must be called to do. And it's not just the family that goes, it's those of us who remain as well. It's a big sacrifce all the way around.

Anonymous said...

God, i pray for your divine protection upon carrie and clem's family. Lord, be with them always. may they have your favor in everything they do.

melanie, you're so sweet to share this to us. God bless your good heart. ♥

IRENE said...

How wonderful! And what a lovely post you wrote for them! May God bless them and guide them for the glory of His name.
Blessings to you and your family.

Nancie said...

Thank you for sharing your thankful heart with us. May God bless you always!

Jill said...

Melanie, What a beautiful story about your sister and husbands obedience. I will be keeping them and their children in prayer! Thanks for sharing them with me - as I too am very thankful for people who go out to all the world to preach the gospel to every creature!

Blessings and love,

Anonymous said...

Melanie, people like your sister and her family leave me humbled with the depths and breadth of their faith and their boldness to step out in it. It would be my honor to keep them in my prayers. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Laurie Ann said...

Melanie, I rejoice that they have heeded God's call for their lives. I will definitely be praying for them and their children. Wow! Prague! Happy Thankful Thursday, Melanie.

Debra said...


I can hear the love you have for your sweet sister. I will write their names down in my prayer journal and keep them in my prayers.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us. Blessings to you this TT.

Bonnie said...

What a beautiful post!! Thank you so much for sharing it. It brought tears to my eyes. I am always in awe of those who not only hear God's calling but obey His calling - often at great cost to themselves. What a blessing this is and what a blessing you are for being such a support! I will keep this family in my prayers. Blessings.


I will be praying for Carrie and Clem and family. Thanks for sharing such a thankful post.


Anonymous said...

Blessings this Thankful Thursday!

May your week be filled with His Spirit guiding you each day.


Alicia said...

Wow!!! What a beautiful tribute to your sister! I got choked up when wrote that it was about her!! I will be praying for them, and their new exicting journey in the Lord!!!!!


Diane ~ said...

Hi Melanie! How I admire those willing to give up family, friends, the comforts of living here in the usa,$$ & conveniences, so they may share Christ with those who need Him so much. I understand your feeling too as both my daughters are "called" to the mission field as well. But no matter how much I will be missing them, I am more blessed that they are following the Lord. ♥

Michele Williams said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. I understand the sacrifice on all parts. Bless you all.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a touching post Melanie. I'll be praying for this precious they are willing to serve the call and minister!!!!

Tricia said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sister and her family! How wonderful that you are able to watch them respond to God's calling on their lives and be part of their lives as they prepare to be missionaries.

I think that is so funny that you wanted a baby brother! I did too, when my sister was born I told them to take her back, I wanted a brother like my friend Gerrie!

I will pray for your sister and her family in the days and weeks ahead.


Jane Anne said...

What a wonderful tribute! It was a blessing reading about Carrie and Clem and their family.

By the way, a friend is trying to reach 100 comments. She is doing a Book Giveaway. (Mention my name if you enter. Thanks!)

Mariel said...

What a precious post...I will be praying for your sister and her family as they follow God's leading for their lives. What a great testimony to their love for their Savior!