Laurie Ann and Cheryl blessed me more than they will ever know by sharing this award with me. The Friendship Award... what an honor. Friendship is so very important to me and it honors me to no end to know that Laurie Ann and Cheryl consider me a friend worthy of such an award.

Now this award isn't just any award, it comes with a questionnaire.

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood?

No, I really don't. We moved several times as I was growing up and I've just never kept in touch very long after we would move to the next city. I did stay in touch with several friends for a few years after graduating from high school (we moved the summer after I graduated), but even that didn't last long as we were all wrapped up in our new college lives in different cities spread out over several states.

2. What do you value most about your friends?

That they are willing to listen and are always just a phone call away. It is so great to have someone that you can just sit down with and pour out your heart and know that the person listening hears every word and never judges based on those words.

3. Are your friends your sounding boards?

Somewhat. I usually go to my husband first, but my friends are always the next "person in line", so to speak, that I go to after that.

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?

I love to just sit down and enjoy a meal with my friends. All of us gathered around a table and just enjoying being together.

Also last week Sab blessed me with the Butterfly Award. Thank you so much, Sab! It means so much that you would think of me with this award.

I have made so many great new friends since I joined the world of blogging... and yes, that would be each one of you that is reading this post! I would like to share these awards with YOU and I pray that you will know how special your friendship has been to me and will continue to be into the future. May God richly bless each and every one of you!

4 Thoughts Shared:

Peggy said...

Congratulations Melanie! I'm so glad that you received these two awards! You are so deserving!
Love your answers! Just the kind of friend anyone would want to have...Blessings & Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

I've tagged you :)

Joanne said...

Melanie, congrats on the awards...your blog is a blessing and I am happy to see others being blessed by it!

Erica said...

You have such a sweet spirit that is very apparent time and time again! You deserve such special honors!
Have a great day.