Thank You...... You're the BEST!


I gotta tell ya… you guys out there are great! Last week for Thankful Thursday I posted this. First of all, the words of encouragement and interest in where the Lord is leading us was just amazing. The comments you all leave and the prayers you offer and the true interest you show is just awesome and so uplifting. The Lord has blessed me so much in the friends (you) he has provided to me through blogging.

And, while I didn’t intentionally mean to leave a bit of a “teaser”… it seems I did just that. :) The main reason I haven’t given any info as to the type of business we are working on is that I want to be able to show it to you. Also, I hesitate a bit because I don’t want anyone to incorrectly perceive that I am trying to advertise or get business via this blog. I pray when I do reveal what we are doing that no one will see it as advertisement. On the other hand, I am excited about it and want to share. Plus, how can I withhold when you have all been so faithful to pray for me and encourage me as I look to where the Lord is leading?

So, with that said, we are currently working on getting a web site up and running for this new business endeavor. Once we’ve got it “viewer worthy”, I will post a link and you can see for yourself what we’ve got going here.

I will give you a hint or two. This is a completely new sort of thing for me. I’m a computer person in my current job… work in IT and sit at a desk at my computer most of the day. And, I do love computer “stuff”. However, this new business puts the creative part of my brain to work and gives me a chance to be directly involved in the production and design of our product. I’ll offer these two words as a hint…. original and handmade.

I’m also thinking that maybe in celebration of this new venture that, when the time is right, I might do a giveaway on my blog for someone to win some of our “product”. We’ll see… there again, I hesitate a bit because I don’t want anyone to misconstrue my intentions in regards to advertising or drumming up business. I need to think some more on this one. I’ll let you know what I decide and maybe you could offer your thoughts on the matter?

Thanks again to each one of you for your prayers and your interest and your encouragement. You are truly the BEST!

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Jill said...

Continued blessings as you finalize the beginning of your new company!


Kristi said...

I am so excited for you! I can hardly wait to see what God is blessing you with. Those of us that know and adore you would never think of it as advertising. You are simply bragging on God and what He has done and we want to rejoice with you! You are such a sweetie and I just love your humble heart and great love for the Lord! May He continue to bless you in this new ministry!

Beth E. said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog! I, too, love to make new friends. :o)

I was interested in your comment that you are an IT specialist. Our oldest son is majoring in BIT at Virginia Tech. He loves it, and helps his poor mom try to figure out how to work this crazy computer!

Your new business sounds very exciting. Looking forward to hearing more about it.


Laurie Ann said...

I'm so intrigued! I totally understand your hesitation re: the perception of advertisement. I wouldn't think anything about it, but I know what you mean...

I will continue to be in prayer for this new endeavor and look forward seeing how God unfolds your dream.

Tricia said...

Ok, I am very curious as to what you are up to! Can't wait to hear about where the Lord is leading you and your family! I will pray for you!


Debra said...


How exciting!! While I can understand your hesitation, all one has to do is see your sweet smile and read any of your posts and they would immediately know that is not your heart.

Blessings to you in your new adventure, abundant blessings!

Marsha said...

hmmm....Now you have my brain working overtime! I can't wait to see where the Lord is leading you in this new venture.

Have a blessed day. See you Thursday.