Serving God is AWESOME!

Sunday morning on the way to church we were listening to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Speechless" CD. This is a favorite of mine and my son absolutely LOVES the song "Whatever" that is on this CD. I've lost count of the number of times over the last couple of months that we've been in the car and he has requested this song. This morning was no exception... we hadn't even gotten to the end of our street before he made his request.

As the song began to play, the following conversation took place:

JOSH: "Mom, this is a really great CD, isn't it?"
ME: "Yep... one of my favorites!"
JOSH: "Aren't these all church songs?" You know, all songs about Jesus, right?"
ME: "They sure are... every one of them. This song talks about how we should always be willing to do WHATEVER God wants us to do."
JOSH: "Wow, Mom... that's pretty awesome, isn't it?!"

Yea... that IS pretty awesome, isn't it? Every one of us has the opportunity to serve God is so many ways! But, how often do we really see it as awesome?

Sure, I know I need to be willing to do whatever God wants. Sure, I know that I should be willing to do so no matter how difficult the task. But, do I really realize how truly awesome it is that God gives us the opportunity to do so very much for Him and for the furtherance of His Kingdom?

For me, personally, I must admit the answer is "No". I am willing but I don't actively think about the "awesomeness" of being able to do so. I'm thinking that if I actively DID think about it in that manner that it might completely change how I go about serving God and how I go about following His will for my life and the lives of my family. It probably wouldn't change the direction the Lord leads, but I'm guessing it would change my attitude and that I would be a more positive testimony to those around me.

As I type this post, I am making a very real and very conscious decision to regularly remind myself and thank God for the awesome opportunity He has given each one of us to serve Him and to follow His will for our lives. I'm excited to see the change it will make for me in the way I follow and seek the Lord.

In closing, below are the words to the chorus of the song "Whatever". I pray you would join me as I seek to follow the Lord's will no matter the task. In doing so, I pray that we would never fail to communicate to others how awesome it is to do all this for our Lord and Savior.

Whatever, whatever You say
Whatever, I will obey
Whatever, Lord, have Your way
'Cause You are my God, whatever

7 Thoughts Shared:

Kristi said...

We adore that song too. SCC has always been one of our many favorites. Your son's heart is precious, but so is his mommy's. I LOVE this post. Obedience to God always brings blessings. May He bless you this day.

Named Alicia said...

Great post! Why does our flesh struggle to do His will, when as Kristy says obedience brings blessings? If we could remember that, we would do much better! Have a great day!

Laurie Ann said...

Melanie, you post was an encouragement to me today...more than words can express. May Whatever be my theme!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What a great post! It is always so easy to make excuses NOT to serve God but if we look at it this way, we may be finding ways to serve him more!

Joan@More God=less me said...

I just started volunteering for 2 ministries this week. I don't know if I'm a crazy or what but Serving God is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Ironically, I just left a comment on someone's blog stating this SAME thing. We/I serve an awesome God.
Seriously, if you think long and hard about this.... it brings tears to your eyes. :)

Thanks for sharing.

God Chaser said...

Another wonderful post with an awesome attitude may we all recognize how awesome it is for us to serve the Living God. Imagine He wants fickled me with all my mess to serve HIm. Thant truly is awesome. I should begin each day with "Whatever God" thanks for this one too you have a wonderful way of encouraging me.