Friday Facts - Bible Cut with a Penknife


Have you ever heard the story of how the written words of our Lord were cut with a penknife? This story can be found in the book of Jeremiah.

"So they went to the king in the court, but they had deposited the scroll in the chamber of Elishama the scribe, and they reported all the words to the king. Then the king sent Jehudi to get the scroll, and he took it out of the chamber of Elishama the scribe. And Jehudi read it to the king as well as to all the officials who stood beside the king. Now the king was sitting in the winter house in the ninth month, with a fire burning in the brazier before him. And it came about, when Jehudi had read three or four columns, the king cut it with a scribe's knife and threw it into the fire that was in the brazier, until all the scroll was consumed in the fire that was in the brazier." Jeremiah 36:20-23

In this chapter of the book of Jeremiah the Lord has told Jeremiah to take a scroll and write His words regarding Israel, Judah and all the nations in the scroll. God then asks Jeremiah to share His words with the leaders that they all hear God's words, know God's plans and have an opportunity to turn from their evil ways. God desires to forgive them their sins.

After writing God's words on the scroll, Jeremiah asks Baruch to go into the house of the Lord and read the words on the scroll to people on a fast day (at this time Jeremiah has been restricted from this place and cannot enter). Micaiah hears God's words read from the scroll, goes to the king's house and tells of what he hears. Upon hearing what Micaiah had to say, the officials send Jehudi to Baruch telling him to bring the scroll and to come with him. Baruch goes along with him and reads from the scroll to the officials. The officials became fearful as they listened and determine they must tell the king. At the same time telling Baruch and Jeremiah that they must hide.

The passage above is the reaction the king had to God's words in the scroll. The king was not fearful. In fact, he didn't believe the words from God at all. If you continue reading thru the remainder of this 36th chapter of Jeremiah, you will see that God did call Jeremiah and Baruch to write the same words on a new scroll and go back to the king once more. This time with a warning from God about his future and the future of his descendants.

This is one of those passages of scripture that causes me ask, "Why? Why doesn't the world follow God? Why doesn't the world believe?" God gives each one of us the opportunity to read/hear His words, to know how much He love us, to see His love in action. And, still, so many still reject.
It breaks my heart, but at the same time gives me a new resolve to share His love and pray for the world in which I live. This world that so desperately needs Him.... more than many will ever know.

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Cheryl said...


Love this!

Red Rover! Red Rover! Send Melanie Over!

I've got something for you when you have a chance to come get it!


BP said...

Hi Melanie,

I read this in my reading this week I think. When I read what the king did, I had to go back and reread to make sure I read it correctly. I thought it was interesting. Thanks for sharing it today, I learned something new.

Cheryl said...

I know what you mean!! It breaks my heart to see so many young people walking the wrong path. I tell my kids to look at an older person who has lead a rough (away from God) life verses a older person who has lived for the LORD. What path do you want to take kids??? It is very obvious HIS way is the only way!! We can only pray for them. Great post Melanie~~~

Joyfull said...

I have always read this with a great fear and like you not able to understand the turning away from the Lord. Love your resolve to continue to share God's Word which is the answer - today and always. Thanks for sharing.

Laurie Ann said...

I love your Friday Facts! I remember reading this and wondering something similar. It's amazing, isn't it? The Word right there before them and they choose to reject it!