Thankful Thursday


My parents live several states away and we speak about once a week on the phone. Usually, at some point in our conversation, one of us will ask the other "Is there anything new going on?" Whichever one of us is being asked usually replies with something along the line of "No, not much... just the same 'ole, same 'ole." And, most of the time, a bored tone of voice accompanies this statement.

At least this is how the conversation went until about a year ago. I don't remember which one of us it was, but we commented that really we shouldn't complain about there being nothing new going on. While there may not be anything really exciting happening this also means that there is nothing bad or abnormal going on. Life is normal. We are moving along at an even keel and everyone is happy and healthy.

This week I am thankful for the normal. The last month or so has not really been normal for us... nothing bad... but not normal. School started the end of August and flip flopped our nice, quiet summer routine around. Homework, new activities in the form of cub scouts for my son (which, while I never knew they did so many activities, I think it is going to be a GREAT experience for my son), new church activities, etc. My dear hubby has been out of town for the last two and a half weeks. My job has been a bit chaotic and filled with many changes (again) over the last few weeks.

However, this week has seen us settling back into normal. We're getting a handle on the new school routines for both kiddos. They're settling into their new routine with new classes, new teachers and new friends. I think I'm beginning to get a grip on all the activities we'll be involved with for scouting and actually see them fitting nicely into our routine and have met some great parents that I think are going to be wonderful new friends. Hubby was able to return home yesterday... YEA!!!!!!! Work is settling back into routine and is quieting down.

So, while normal sometimes on the surface may seem boring.... it is actually quite wonderful. It means we are all happy, we are all healthy, LIFE IS GOOD. God is with us!

Thank you, dear Lord, for normal!!!

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Lynn said...

Hi Melanie,

I LOVE telling my Mom and my son, Nothing new here. Which is good....

Neat post. Have a wonderful TT.

Cheryl said...


Yes, a nice quiet normal nothing exciting is much preferred. So well put, my friend!

Happy TT!


Susan said...

Hey Melanie,

I always enjoy stopping by. I love seeing your sweet smile!

Yes, thank GOD for the normal. We take that for granted many times huh?

I know you are loving having your hubby back home, I am too!!

Hope you have a blessed TT~

Darlene said...

Great list of thanks! I love how you made boring sound so wonderful.
Andrea was a Girl Scout for a long time. I also joined to become a leader. You will love the activities and so will your son. Andrea learned so much and it is always great to make new friends. I really miss those crazy busy days! Enjoy them. oh yeah...take lots of pictues!
Sweet Blessings,

Erica said...

Oh, yes, while it is fun and exciting to have new things going on, there is a peace that comes over my heart when things start settling back in. I think I am about to move out of the "normal" season, but I find comfort in knowing it always comes back!

Sandy said...

Yes Melanie you are right, normal is something to be thankful for. I can relate! :)

Jill said...

Thank you for sharing you sweet story about normal!

I am happy to hear things are good for you!

Blessings and happy TT!

Debra said...

Hi Melanie,

Happy, normal, TT post to you!! This is so true!!

Blessings to you, my sweet friend.

Kristi said...

I'm all for the normal too. I'm glad everything is falling into place so well for you and that your husband is back home! Blessings to you!

Laurie Ann said...

Melanie, I loved your post! I am getting back to normal, too, and I needed it!!!! Change is great, but so is routine. :) Glad all is well and you had such a thankful post! Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Nice post...Thanks for sharing.

Mine is here

Michele Williams said...

You made me smile. Nothing wrong with "normal", quiet life. I am thankful for you. You always bring a smile on my face.

Front Porch Legacy said...

I'm always thankful for "normal" too!

By the way, I married an Eagle Scout. So, tell that sweet son of yours to shoot for the stars!

Cheryl said...

I love normal! It seems so peaceful. Thanks for a great post Melanie! Happy TT~

Tricia said...

Praise God for normal! Oftentimes those normal days are so comforting and just what we need! Have a great day!


Peggy said...

Blessings Melanie...Thanking God along with you for normal! You make it sound so rewarding! Blessings ahead for all the normal days in fall
and may your hard working, caring husband be home for a while & big thanks to him and the rest that have given their best to help after IKE!

Thanks for your normal TT! I enjoyed it & praying for some normal in my life! Enjoy having hubby and all safe, healthy & very loved by Our Lord! Hold on!

ZAM said...

Amen! I could totally relate to this post. And I agree that the normal could be boring -but at least nothing bad is happening and this absolutely great!

Happy TT!

eph2810 said...

Oh - I so like 'normal'. I think I am getting back to normal myself...I pray. I don't like it when things are not normal.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this past week.

Be blessed today and always...

Sheryl said...

Amen to that Melanie, normal is something to be thankful for! Love your upbeat spirit and your positive outlook.