Then Sings My Soul - "Whatever"


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I've been listening alot this week to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Speechless" CD. There are some great songs on this CD and several of them have really spoken to me this week (which means you may hear several SCC songs from me over the next couple of Saturdays). The song "Whatever" has really got me to thinking alot about how I listen to know what God would have me do... or, in actuality, if I do listen at all.

As in the first verse of this song, I have found myself at times making of list of things I could do for God based on my interests and abilities and then trying to follow through without even consulting God first. And, you know, it usually doesn't work out too well when I do that. This song is great reminder that we need to listen for what God wants.... and then be willing to do WHATEVER!


I made a list, wrote down from A to Z
All the ways I thought that You could best use me
Told all my strengths and my abilities
I formed a plan it seemed to make good sense
I laid it out for You so sure You'd be convinced
I made my case, presented my defense
But then I read the letter that You sent me
It said that all You really want from me is just

Whatever, whatever You say
Whatever, I will obey
Whatever, Lord, have Your way
'Cause You are my God, whatever

So strike a match, set fire to the list
Of all my good intentions, all my preconceived ideas
I want to do Your will no matter what it is
Give me faith to follow where You lead me
Oh, Lord, give me the courage and the strength to do ...

I am not my own
I am Yours and Yours alone
You have bought me with Your blood
Lord, to You and You alone do I belong
And so whatever

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Tanja said...

Oh, Melanie, I catch myself doing that very thing... putting myself into ministry positions without checking first with the Lord if that's my spot or not. Thanks for sharing!

lana said...

I love when I try to tell God what I'm supposed to be doing. Funny, he ususally puts me right back in my place. This is great song to remind me who really makes those decisions.

Mel's World said...


I LOVE this was actually one of my first songs that I fell in love with when I became a Christian...the words, the beat, ALL of it!

Thanks for the reminder of a GREAT song with a GREAT message!!!

Happy Weekend!


Susan said...

Oh yes, another GREAT song by SCC.

I love all is awesome music.

I'm guilty of doing this very thing myself.

Hope you have a great weekend Melanie♥

a woman found said...

Great song! I hadn't heard that one before either. Whatever! Whatever He wants me to do that's what i want to do!

Bless you!

Peggy said...

Yea WHATEVER Melanie definitely was my biggest problem and this does leave me SPEECHLESS!

What a GREAT CHOICE! and you were up so early doing your TSMSS & blog says 6:22a.m.
Bless your sweet little heart, you devoted blogger...I agree and am looking forward to hearing more...
You got no problem with me in sharing more SCC!!! Is it a new CD?

I so enjoy all the music you post.
I find myself going and looking for more of it like with Phillips, Craig & Dean and now SCC! You give such thought to how this song applies to you as you did with others! Helps me to listen better to see what God wants me to get!

Be blessed as you have blessed me!
More FRUITS of THE SPIRIT!I tried out that cool email deal...thanks

Mocha with Linda said...

Love this! I've caught myself doing this as well. "Bless my plans Lord." How presumptious we can be!

Cheryl said...


I guess that is something that we may all struggle with or maybe from time to time. Isn't it funny how much smoother things flow when we allow God to guide us.

Thanks for the visiting and your sweet words.


Terra Hangen said...

I am happy to find your blog, and am learning that God has a plan for each of us.
"Then sings my soul", what a great song.

Tracy said...

I even have this CD and I haven't heard this song! Don't know how I missed such a gem. Love the message here!

Tracy = )

The Baker's said...

That song is catchy, I had never heard before until now. Thanks for the reminder that God is in control, even through sometime we wants to be in control. Things go alot smoother when he is in control.Thanks for sharing.

Mae said...

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Sandy said...

I just heard that song on the radio this morning....hadn't heard it for awhile. And it hit me the same way it did you! Funny you posted about my thoughts. :) Or the Lord is speaking to both of us! :)