Friday Fun - Noah's Ark - Quiz #2

So... are you ready for the answer to last week's question about Noah?
The question that was asked was.....

How old was Noah when the flood came?

And, the correct answer is......

Noah was 600 years old when the flood came.

Genesis 7:16 it tells us, "Now Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of water came upon the earth."

Congratulations to each one that answered correctly...
Lea of
Shabby Olde Potting Shed
Tricia of
It's All About Him!

Are you ready for another question about Noah? Or, maybe I should say, are you ready for another question about Noah's Ark? This one may be a bit tougher (at least it was for me) as it is about a specific type of material used in the building of the Ark.

What material was used to waterproof the ark?

See you back next Friday (June 20) for the answer.

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IRENE said...

Oh I so love this kind of thing! I am getting back to childhood , now that I am approaching Jesus, rather a better childhood. I am so grateful I get to be a learner again!
Our 6 year old son loves Noah insinctively, eventhough my husband makes fun of Noah. God has so many ways to work on people's hearts.
Thank you for stopping by and for your meaningful comments. I appreciate it!

Tricia said...

Hey Melanie
Thanks so much for checking on us, that is so sweet of you! He is fine, rambunctious as ever and getting into all kinds of stuff today, it has not slowed him down.

I hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day weekend!

I am going to have to search for this answer...

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Noah was so old when he built the ark. I'll have to ask my 7-year-old son about the material used to waterproof the ark. He seems to remember those sorts of things.