Word-Filled Wednesday - Psalm 63:1


"O God, Thou art my God; I shall seek Thee earnestly; My soul thirsts for Thee, my flesh yearns for Thee, In a dry and weary land where there is no water." Psalm 63:1 NIV

This is how I desire to seek God... earnestly and with a thirsting for Him that is strong. As strong as my physical need for water. Unfortunately, way too many times I let our busy schedule get in the way of this need and desire for seeking God. I'm really striving to place my desire for the Lord in a front spot in my life.. and in the life of my family. That is my prayer today on this Word-Filled Wednesday.

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Picture courtesy of www.christianphotos.net

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lori said...

Wonderful image and verse....It's the verse I need today too!

Hey you may really like my WFW post today...it speaks to your blog!!
blessings today!

Susan said...

Good Morning Melanie,

Oh, what a beautiful verse. Yes, this is my desire too. It reminds me of the song, As The Deer.

I want to pant after HIM!!

Blessings my friend♥

My cup runneth over... said...

I echo your prayer today! What beautiful photo and what a needed scripture! Thanks for sharing. Happy WFW!
Tracy = )

Melly said...

That is beautiful. I have to agree with you in prayer today, with our desire to seek Him, earnestly.

God Bless!

Tonya said...

Melanie, it's been SOOOOOOO LONG since I've been online - I've MISSED YOU! =-)

Yes, I was trying HARD to avoid those feelings of dread as we faced yet ANOTHER holiday without Brent. I sometimes chose to act like an ostrich. I try to stick my head in the sand and act as though nothing is going on. Anyway.. GOD carried me just as HE always does. Mother's Day was nice - I DO have SO MUCH to be thankful for! =-)

Your graphic today is BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE the scripture you used. You're right.. LONGING for GOD in that way should be the desire of our hearts, but like you said, too many times life gets in the way. I don't know why I don't just make the effort to ALWAYS put HIM first. I KNOW that my day goes SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER when I do. I suppose it's my selfish nature kicking in?

Oh, before I go, I wanted you to know that I tried to leave you a comment about FIVE times the other day, but each time I tried it would act as though the message didn't go through. I began to wonder if it would post like NINETY times. LOL! I don't know if it was me, or my computer - but something was DEFINITELY NOT working right! All of that said to say that I have been here and DID try to leave a comment. (I'm a bit of a dingbat) HA!

I hope you're having a FANTASTIC week - I've MISSED YOU!

Jenelle said...

Amen! It's way too easy to get too busy. I need this prayer as well.

Have a great day!

Kim said...

Beautiful picture, and what a beautiful verse.

I TOO lone to seek after him.

Blessings to you!!


Sheila said...

That picture really speaks of thirst! It's so worth being desperately thirsty for Him when He brings us refreshment that is found no where else!


Simply Dawn said...

Wow that verse is amazing! Thank you for sharing it!

Elisa said...

What a great verse and excellent way of capturing what it means. Thanks for your transparency and sharing it with us!

Thanks for stopping by Extravagant Grace, too!


The Baker's said...

Great verse,I to forget to put God first,with lifes busyness. Thank you for the reminder. Thanks for sharing.

ellen b. said...

May it be! Beautifully illustrated Melanie. Blessings...

Tricia said...

Hey Melanie
What a wonderful way to illustrate that verse, and I echo your prayer... I so want God to be first in my life all the time...

Thanks for stopping by to visit today, it was good to hear from you!

Praying you have a wonderful day blessed with the awesome presence of our Lord in a new and mighty way!


Denise said...

Such a lovely verse, and picture.

Kelley said...

I love what you have done with this photo and verse. That is my prayer as well, to be as thirsty for Him as I am for water!

Darlene said...

Great verse. I too desire God. I want to thirst for HIM like I thirst for water. Unfortuantely, sometimes when I need water, I turn to diet coke. Sad to say this is also true sometimes with my spiritual life. I am striving to do better. Thanks for the encouragement and I agree with your prayer!
Have a great week!

Nancie said...


This is such a wonderful verse. Truly our soul is restless until we rest in God. How we need to seek Him earnestly. Lovely photo! Thanks for sharing.

Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

a beautiful prayer!

Happy WFW! :)

Faithful Froggers said...


That is one of my favorite scriptures and I loved your picture. I will pray with you that we all seek Him earnestly!

Have a wonderful, blessed week!