Philippians In Review

A large part of the reason I started this blog was to share my journey of reading through the Bible and discovering ways to apply the fruits of the spirit to the way I live my daily life. I chose to start with Philippians as it is referred to as the "Epistle of Joy". Since joy is one of the fruits of the spirit, it just seemed natural to start with this book.

I have such a desire to live a life that is full of the joy -- the kind of joy that can only be found in our Lord. The kind of joy that is always there and always evident regardless of whether life is smooth or rocky. As I read through this book in the Bible and read through the posts I have shared as I've been studying Philippians, I see exactly how Paul has laid out his message to the Philippians (and to us). Paul tells us what needs to happen in order for us to receive this joy in our lives.

Towards the end of Chapter 4 Paul writes of having a contentment in the Lord regardless of where we may be or what we may be experiencing. To reach this point, we must have a relationship with the Lord and allow Him to work in us, allow Him to show us the way, allow Him to carry our burdens. It takes a spiritual maturity. What I see laid out for us by Paul in Philippians is the relationship we must have with God and how we can grow in Him to reach this spriritual maturity.

Let's take a look back through each of the four chapters for a moment:

Chapter 1
Here Paul writes of being thankful to God, continuing to preach God's gospel even in times of despair, and living IN Christ and not of the world.

Chapter 2
In this chapter we read of being like Christ and about the characteristics of godly men.

Chapter 3
This chapter expresses our goal in life as Christians.

Chapter 4
And, here we are reminded to always focus our minds on those things that are of God and to hand our worries and our cares over to God.

Only after we have learned to follow and live according to these things can we find true contentment and joy in the Lord. It is at this time that we have reached a spiritual maturity that naturally gives way to God-given contentment and joy.

My prayer is that each of us may live a life that --

--> is thankful to God in all circumstances

--> is able to continue preaching God's word no matter the circumstance

--> is lived IN Christ

--> shows the characteristics of a godly man
integrity, selflessness, perserverance, servanthood, sacrifice

--> seeks the goal of the "upward call of Jesus Christ"

--> gives all worries to God

--> focuses on those things that are of God

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Angie said...

Melanie---this was perfect to close the work week on! Much to think about. I love Philippians---and find myself going there over and over.
You have laid out a very understandable and clear summary. Makes me wanna run get my Bible and get back in Philippians! (Bible in purse :)
Have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

great thoughts shared.. and i love the part you said:

Only after we have learned to follow and live according to these things can we find true contentment and joy in the Lord.

that's so hard some days!!! I"m still working on that!

Erica said...

Thank you for visiting my site. I am new to this all, so it is always exciting to have a comment. I loved your reflections on Philippians-one of my favorite books for sure! I appreciate that you laid it out so clearly.

Krista said...

What a great summary. I really enjoyed and appreciated what you wrote about Philippians. I am motivated to have my quiet time today (which sort of got skipped over in the hustle of the day.)
Have a fantastic day!

My cup runneth over... said...

What a beautiful site you have! Phillipians is one of my favorite books of the Bible, so I greatly enjoyed reading your insights.

Thank you so much for your warm welcome to Thankful Thursday. Looking forward to visiting your blog again, soon! = )


Tricia said...

Thanks for sharing what you have learned through Philippians. I have really enjoyed your posts on this book, it is a very dear book to me. Last year I challenged myself to memorize the whole book and I did it!! It took me the whole year, so I spent quite a bit of time in it and God spoke to me and changed me through it. Keep seeking Him! Your blog is a blessing!