In The Beginning....

.... there was an awareness. A very real awareness that I was not spending enough time in the Bible. An awareness that my personal time in the study of God's Word was greatly lacking. Sure, I spend time with God and a minimal amount of time reading the Bible, but it is usually crammed in between getting dressed for work, getting the kids off to school, driving to work, fixing dinner, etc. I need some real and focused one on one time with God studying His Word.

In addition, I have always enjoyed group Bible Study time and enjoy the interactions of sharing and praying together with a group of people.

Combining both of these, the need for more personal Bible Study and a desire to share in the Bible with others, the idea was born for this blog. I decided I would start a personal Bible Study time that I will consistently keep and then, afterwards, share the scripture, notes, etc., from my study time via this blog. This would then bring about two aditional steps: 1) A journal of the study time that would re-inforce the scripture for me and, 2)the privilege of sharing with others that are reading along.

I have always wanted to live a life filled with the characteristics that are the fruits of the Spirit. With that in mind, I chose the fruits of the Spirit as the theme as I read through and study the Bible. The study will progress book by book through the Bible searching for ways to realize these fruits of the Spirit in our daily lives -- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. And, I'm sure, there will be many additional messages found along the way.

I am beginning my study with the book of Philippians -- The Epistle of Joy.

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Thank you for visiting.You are so blessed to have a spiritual husband.

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